List of patrons

The Swiss Intensive Care Medicine Foundation would like to thank all donors.

Institution Name Date Donation Amount
IMK AG Harald Grossmann 11.10.2023 One-off CHF 16,070.65
Matthias Hilty 15.06.2023 One-off CHF 200.00
Matthias Vetter 13.09.2022 One-off CHF 100.00
Gordion Treuhand GmbH Seraza Uzuner 03.09.2022 One-off CHF 100.00
Thierry Fumeaux 23.03.2022 One-off CHF 300.00
Theramed AG Severin Augstburger 31.01.2022 One-off CHF 500.00
Biomed AG Thomas Wirth 15.12.2021 One-off CHF 1,000.00
Egzon Ismajli 15.12.2021 One-off CHF 50.00
Andreas Perren 08.09.2021 One-off CHF 1,000.00
Institut für Medizin und Kommunikation Harald Grossmann 19.08.2021 One-off CHF 555.00

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